What is Engage Leduc?

The City of Leduc engagement website is designed to provide residents with an opportunity to learn more about current City initiatives and have their voice heard.

In particular, on the engagement portal you can:

  • Learn about new projects currently open for public input

  • Provide your input on projects via our online feedback forms and surveys

  • Learn about upcoming public engagement events

  • Subscribe to project updates

  • Review project materials,  public engagement summaries, and decision outcomes

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 Our Approach

Diverse input from the community on important city building projects help us shape a stronger future. We encourage citizens to get involved and have their voice heard. Our approach to engagement starts with listening to you – the community. We believe building buy-in with early and continued engagement is critical to success.

We consistently adhere to a set of principles that help us connect and share information with our audiences throughout each phase of an engagement project. These principles are:


A successful engagement strategy is founded on honest dialogue and a genuine interest in understanding and evaluating different perspectives and identifies the kind of feedback anticipated.


Project information will be shared publicly in an easily-accessible, objective, accurate and timely manner.

Simplicity of Language

Clear, concise and simple language will be used to communicate project information to the public to help ensure a collective understanding.

Continuous Refinement

As the project progresses, we are committed to evaluating our communications and engagement strategy to ensure we are reaching our audience in the most effective way.

Consistent Documentation

All stakeholder correspondence will be objectively recorded in a centralized database, a summary of which will be included during each phase of the project.

Ready to Engage?

We’d love to hear from you on current initiatives. So what are you waiting for? Provide your feedback!

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